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Automotive aftermarket: the total turnover is growing strongly
martedi, 12gennaio2016

Over the last 15 years, the worldwide automotive aftermarket turnover has grown of 151%, from 286 billion euro in 2001 to 718 billion estimated in 2015. These numbers derive from “Osservatorio Autopromotec” on the basic of a study carried out by Arthur D. Little, a research company specializing in the automotive sector.
The surveys found the data relating to the performance automotive aftermarket in major world markets. In the period 2001-2015, growth has been more elevated in emerging automotive markets: Middle East (300.0%), Asia (273.7%) and South America (230.5%).
The automotive aftermarket development has affected even the mature markets: firstly Europe (156.4%), followed by Japan (135.5%) and North America (97.4%).
The study of Arthur D. Little highlights the estimates of revenues in 2015 of the main aftermarket markets. On the first place it ranks North America (227 billion euro). Followed Europe with 200 billion Euros, South America (119), Japan (73), Asia (71) and the Middle East (28).
According to the Autopromotec Observatory, there are several factors behind the growth of the automotive aftermarket market. In general, the first factor to consider is the increase of the world field. To this, it is added the slowdown of car purchases in mature markets (which has registered since 2008) and it has had the effect of lengthening the average life cycle of the car. With a higher number of older cars in circulation, assistance and maintenance are necessary increased and in this way it has been created, as a result, new and more opportunities for the services of the repair market.
An important moment to take stock of the technological evolution on the car’s sector is Autopromotec, the most specialized international exhibition of equipment and automotive aftermarket, which takes place every two years in Bologna Exhibition Centre. The soonest appointment is in 2017 and it will be particularly interesting. In fact there will be news from the growing commitment to solutions low environmental impact, to new ways of using private cars (car sharing, car pooling, etc.) and it will be interesting the scenery of smart city.

12 gennaio 2016

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