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Company Profile

Company Profile
Proudly Made in Italy

FISA is one of the excellence of "Made in Italy" for over 50 years produces electromagnetic and electro-pneumatic warning devices for the most successful manufacturers of automotive and marine industry.

The company FISA was born in 1958 in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) from a passion for mechanics that its founder Mr. Gino Righetto matures as a young man by important industries of our area as Campagnolo (high tech components for bike) and Ceccato (in the ‘50s motorbikes – air compressors – washing stations).

The activity started with the manufacturing of horns from which the acronym F.I.S.A. (Fabbrica Italiana Segnalatori Acustici).

In the ‘60s and ‘70s FISA operates into the domestic market and in the ‘80s and ‘90s it expands on the European ones, in America, Asia and Australia where the diffusion of the products takes place mainly in the aftermarket field through distributors in the various countries. In 1999 FISA receives from the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza an award for the extraordinary results in exporting as a result of a productive life developed with zeal and supported by achievements in the market. In 2008 FISA celebrates its 50th year of activity. In a full globalization time, FISA concentrates its efforts in a constant development of new products which can give a push towards new markets and a strengthening for the future of the company.

FISA would like to keep in the future the role of a “Proudly Made in Italy” typical company developing its product in the place of birth in order to obtain in the times a renewed, selected and durable product.

In the field of industrial vehicles FISA takes care of very important international customers and since 2011 FISA is the official supplier of the worldwide Leader for the electropneumatic horns for road use and for emergency. In the field of fork lift trucks FISA supplies several foreigners companies of international level.

Daniele Righetto
FISA’s mission for the future is to maintain a very high product quality, underlining the artisanal features “MADE IN ITALY”, in order to distinguish our brand from competitors. Nevertheless, in the meantime we want to offer to our final customers an excellent quality/price ratio, so as to distinguish ourselves in today’s After Market industry

The line of products of FISA is composed by five lines of models:

electromagnetic and electropneumatic horns for cars and motorbikes;
electromagnetic and electropneumatic horns for marine use;
electropneumatic horns for trucks and buses, horns for industrial applications;
gas horns and air horns;
special horns.

FISA products are sold in the market with the brand name “FISA” (for instance in Italian market) or, if requested, with the brand name of the distributor of the pertaining country.

Fisa Italia srl
Via Veronese, 2
36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY
Tel +39 0444695000
Fax +39 0444490572
P.I./VAT 03563430242
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