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Proudly Made in Italy

Proudly Made in Italy
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The attention to detail, the acustic quality and excellence of materials are just some of the aspects that have made FISA products into worthy ambassadors of "Made in Italy" in every corner of the world.

Our production department, located in Montecchio Maggiore, in the Venetian heartland, never makes compromises: every single piece is tested and selected, in order to offer to the end user a product which he can show off.

Our attention to quality translates into a range of products able to meet all needs in the industry of audible warning devices, ranging from cars (AUTOMOTIVE line) up to boats (MARINE line).

Fully aware that each achievement is not a destination, but rather a starting point, FISA is constantly engaged in product development, so that we can always offer an innovative product, which meets the requirements of the market and can stand out in the quality / price ratio, when compared to its competitors.

Fisa Italia srl
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36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) - ITALY
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